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Angvar was once a great warrior of the Vrykul nation, a revered leader in a vast army who's strategic genus, combat prowess, and various acts of valor that

were only matched by the great ancient hero of the Vrykul known as Warmaster Hathgar who now rules over the Valarjar and the Halls of Valor in the absence of the titan keeper Odyn.  Angvar was once held in awe by his people the Vrykul, his various victories against the restless scourge were unmatched and unthinkable and these various acts had all but assured his place as one of the Valarjar when he died but Angvar's loyalty was one thing that was unmatched by any other Vrykul for when his King Ymiron joined the Scourge Angvar followed and with this one act of loyalty changed his place as a Valarjar in the halls of valor to a place in Helheim as a Helarjar were he would live in death as a endless servitor of the twisted abomination that ruled over Helheim known as Helya, daughter of the Titan Keeper Odyn. During a great battle while Angvar's forces were raiding an Alliance garrison, Angvar was killed by Alliance cannon fire and his soul descended into Helheim were Helya twisted his soul and formed it into a green abomination that appeared as Vrykul, green skin covered with barnacles and other elements of the sea which made him appear as a horrid Helarjar and with this came a gift from Helya, the daughter of the Titan Keeper imbued a simple axe with a portion of her power and gave it to Angvar and with this axe came the title of Warmaster of the Helarjar, Angvar would go on to lead the forces of the Helarjar against the forces of the Valarjar Warmaster Hathgar and all the enemies of Helya and to this very day Angvar remains as Warmaster Hathgar's equal.

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The picture is not of Angvar but another Helarjar which is the closest representation i could get to Angvar so please be patient while i make a picture of Angvar.

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